“Let’s Tech It Easy” or popularly known as “LTIE” is the blogging platform for everyone who wants to share and learn about technology. It is an initiative by the serial techpreneur Vish when he realized the wide gap between the pace at which the technology is evolving and at which it is getting adopted by a wider audience. The realization comes from the practical experience where Vish running successfully, “Benchmark IT Services”, “Computer Repair Onsite” and “X-Tech Buy”, for more than a decade, found so many people still using Windows 7 or sometimes even windows XP on their PCs fearing that any advancement to the new version of Windows might cause some harm to their functioning. The learning curve falls way behind the techology evolution curve and that is where “LTiE” wishes to play the role of a mentor.

Join us if you wish to be a part of and you too think of empowering the people by enhancing their user experience so one day eventually, each one of us can play with the technology.