Previously, we have gone through general troubleshooting on Windows here. This blog will cover how you can troubleshoot when you are facing issues related to your sound. For external speakers or microphones, you should first verify if the problem persists across different devices. If it is working well when paired with other devices, you can follow the following approaches to fix the issue. It is recommended that you reach out to CROS for professional IT support.

Checking for Connection

For users who are using an external microphone or speaker, your first step is checking for connection. You have to ensure that you plug the device in properly. After that, you should go to the Device Manager. On the list of devices, your devices should show up under Sound, video and game controllers.

Updating on the Device Manager

To minimize the chance that the drivers are not up to date, you can also confirm using Device Manager. First, go to Device Manager. Next, you can right-click the device and proceed with “Update driver.” Once the following screen shows up, you can select the first option. 

Troubleshooting the Devices

Now, if the sound is still not working, then troubleshooting the device should help. First, you need to go to Settings. Next, select System, Sound, and then Troubleshoot, respectively. Please note that you can toggle between your microphone and speaker by selecting in the drop-down menu.

Restarting the Audio Services

If all else fails, you can try restarting the audio services. You can open the Services by typing the word “Services” in the search bar. Then, locate Window Audio (below screenshot). Finally, select “Restart the service on the left-hand side.

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