There are several types of hackers. Some of them are script kiddie, black hats, white hats, grey hats, red hats, activists and blue hats.

Script Kiddie Hackers

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These are persons who simply copy-paste content by going to Google and copying it with somebody else script and using it and that they know hacking, but they are not. These are the people who think they are hackers, they are just getting started, they were just entered into this group, so the first person is a script kiddie.

White Hat Hacker

A white-hat hacker, a white end hacker is also an ethical hacker. To this is the good guy and the job is to protect people from getting hacked. They will penetrate the defences of networks computer systems and servers and they will tell the people that this is how your system can be hacked and this is what you should be doing in protecting yourself. So, the white hat hacker other guys are ethical hackers and luckily you are also a good guy you will also be here and an ethical hacker.

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Black Hat Hackers

Is just the opposite of the white hackers. These are the bad guys, and these are hackers or crackers. They use weak security in those are in the systems, and they can hack peoples credit card information or steal bank information, or you know take somebody’s confidential data and sell it to their competitors for a profit. So, these are the people who are usually working for financial gains or revenge pick on somebody. But these are the bad guys they are the illegal people, and this is one of the reasons why a lot of hacking is taking place in this way cybersecurity professionals how to continuously be on guard. These are also people who create viruses and malware and discredit different people.

Grey Hat Hacker

As the name suggests, does a few good things and a few bad things. So sometimes they will violate the loss and sometimes they will use their knowledge to help people. So sometimes they will work for their own profits and sometimes they will use their skills to improve the security purposes. So, these are great hackers.

Green Hat Hackers

Green hat hackers are slightly better than the script kiddies. The script kiddies are you can say the first stage. The green hat hackers are you can say the second stage that means is off right now you can call yourself a green hacker where you have you are striving to become a better hacker and you’re chosen to learn more things and slowly you will reach this one.

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Red Hat Hacker

the Red Hat as red is a sign of danger. Red Hat hacker is you know was a white hat hacker. They started using aggressive methods and they sometimes destroy the Black Hat hackers damaged their computers they insert viruses into the system and sometimes they are so malicious that sometimes even kill the black. They are against hacking but the way that works is a very aggressive way at the end of the colour.

Blue Hat Hacker

The blue hat is you can say these were Once Upon a time black. These are the bad guys but then what happened is now they are employed, or they are appointed by some security firms to help them in hacking. So, these are what we call is blue hats. Both are hired by security forms to check for floss in the system. One of the reasons is Black hats will always look at the illegal ways whereas white hats will always look at the legal ways of activity. Therefore, we have blue heads so blue hats are the people who are once upon a time in the bad guys they are granted bail they are taken out of prison they are appointed by big multinational companies, and they are told that you must find the weakness and you are going perform certain things which a white hat hacker can never do.


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Now what exactly is hactivism is basically you can say a combination of hacking and actors. Hacker who heights their identity and remains hidden and remains rather you consent remains anonymous. The purpose is to protect themselves but at the same time they want to expose all the corruption that are going on in the government or in the political deals or some kind of important news to be leaked into the media or you know anything or it could be one country level if you want to talk something bad about the current government love that country and sometimes you know it’s easy, if they come to know that there was this particular person that person would be immediately that this would be killed and their personal even probably. The body was would not be founded. So, in certain countries in certain places or other everywhere in the world now, such kind of hackers are there who remain universe and who gives information about what is going on in the political culture, what is going on in the scene and their main purpose is freedom of speech and in exposing different kinds of frauds and different kind of scams. So, this is the whole purpose of you can say that is exposing scams without getting caught every themselves get caught then it’s over so that is what we call hactivism.

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