There are different deployment models that are there, you can also call them as different types of clouds that are there in the market. We have these three types that is public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. Let us understand these one by one.

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Public Cloud

As the name suggests the public cloud. It’s available to everyone. You have a service provider who makes these services or these resources available to people worldwide through the Internet. It is an easy and very inexpensive way of dealing with the situation because all you must do is you have to go ahead and rent this cloud and you are good to use, and it is available publicly. Public cloud is available for the general public. The public cloud is defined as computing services offered by the third-party providers over the public Internet making them available to anyone who wants to use or purchase them. It is available for the local public as per the requirement of local public where user can get service from the cloud, and it is accessible for everybody from anywhere. Example of those companies which provides public cloud facilities are Amazon and especially Amazon EC2 is the best example of the public cloud, Microsoft is also providing public cloud and Microsoft Azure is the best example of the public cloud, Google that is a Google app engine, IBM also providing public cloud and this cloud services is open for use provider companies offer resources as a service both free of charge and on pay per use basis via the Internet connection. So, user can scale resources when required so some services are paid, and some are free so user as per the requirement can take services from the cloud. The advantages of public cloud are low cost, in our public cloud no need to purchase hardware or software and you pay only for the service you use, no maintenance the maintenance of the system is not the responsibility of your end user the cloud provider is responsible for the maintenance of the hardware software and network in the cloud, can be accessed from the anywhere, highly scalable, we can purchase more services from the cloud if required more services. But the public cloud is less customizable as per our requirement, we cannot modify the cloud services so we cannot customise as per our requirement. It is less secure because it is available on the public network, or we can set public Internet, and anybody can access.

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Private Cloud

Next, we have the private cloud. This is a little different here, you are provided with this service, and you can go ahead and create your own applications and since it’s a private cloud you are protected by a firewall, and you do not have to worry about various other issues that are there. Private cloud is not for the local public, in our public cloud it is available to general public while only one specific company owns a private cloud, so it is also known as corporate cloud or internal cloud. Internal cloud means that it allows the accessibility of system and services within specific boundary or organisation. Within the organisation, and we can access this cloud outside the organisation, and nobody can access the services of this private cloud so the private cloud permits only authorised user providing the organisation greater control over the data and its security so any general public cannot access these services of the private cloud. Only employee of the organisation or we can say the authorised person can access all the services of the private cloud, it has dynamic critical secured management demand-based requirements should adopt private cloud. The advantage of private cloud is highly secured, is more controlled over their resources and hardware, improved performance private cloud offers better performance with improved speed and space capacity. But it is costly as compared to the public cloud, area of the operation private cloud is accessible within the organisation so that area of the operation is limited skilled persons are required to manage and operate the cloud services.

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Community cloud

The community cloud is similar as our private cloud. The only difference is the set of users in a private cloud only one company owns the server, in case of community cloud several organise and with similar backgrounds serve the infrastructure and related resources. the community cloud is best for the joint business Organisation, research Organisation etc. The advantage of our community cloud is a cost effective because the whole cloud is said between the several organisations, as more than one organisation shares resources and infrastructure so definitely it has a less cost as compared to private cloud. The community cloud is flexible and scalable because it is compatible with every user it allows the user to modify the documents as per their needs and requirement. Community cloud is more secure as compared to the public cloud but less secure as compared to the private cloud because multiple organisations can share the infrastructure and resources in our community cloud, so the security is less as compared to the private, but it is more as compared to the public cloud. But community cloud is costly than the public cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud now it is a combination of your private cloud and your public cloud. For example, you can go ahead and build your applications privately, you can use them, you can consume them, you can use them efficiently, when you sense that peak in your traffic, you can move it to public that is you can move it to the public cloud and even others can have access to it, and they can use it. The benefit of a hybrid cloud is noncritical tasks such as a development and test workloads can be done using public cloud various the critical tasks that are sensitive such as organising data handling are done using the private cloud, so we are just taking benefit or both. Whatever the benefit of public cloud and private cloud that we can get from the hybrid cloud so the benefit of both deployment model as well as a community model are possible in hybrid cloud hosting.

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