Firstly, let us understand why cloud. To understand this, we need to understand the situation that existed before cloud came into existence. So, what happened back then and firstly in order to host a website, you must buy a stack of servers and we all know that servers are very costly so that meant we ended up paying a lot of money. Next was the issue of traffic now as we all know if we are hosting a website, we are dealing with traffic that is not constant throughout the day and that meant more pain, and the other thing was monitoring and maintaining your servers. This is a very big problem now all these issues lead to certain disadvantages as mentioned servers are very costly, the setup was again costly and thus you ended up paying a lot of money and there were other factors contributing to this point.

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Let us discuss those as well. One troubleshooting was a big issue since you are dealing with a business, your prime focus is on taking good decisions so that your business does well but if you end up troubleshooting problems or focus more on infrastructure related issues then you cannot focus more on your business and that was a problem. So, either you had to do multitasking, or you had to hire more people to focus on those issues. Thus, again you ended up paying more money as the traffic on a website is never constant and since it varies you are not certain about its patterns.

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For example, if we need to host a website and for that if we reserve 2 petabytes of total memory for our uses. Based on the traffic but add the traffic where there would be times when the traffic is high and the whole 2 petabytes of data is consumed or space is consuming. But what if the traffic is very low for certain hours of the day, we are not utilising these servers. So, we ended up paying more money for the service than we should be, so yes upscaling was an issue. All these things were an issue because we were paying more money, we did not have sufficient time to take our decisions properly there was ambiguity, there was more trouble monitoring and maintaining all these resources and apart from that one important point which we need to consider is the amount of data that is being generated now and that was being generated then. Previously it was alright, but nowadays if you look at it the amount of data that is generated is huge and this is another reason why cloud became so important. Now we all know that everything is going online these days and what that means is we shop online, we buy food online, we do almost everything that is required as in whatever information, we need we get everything online bookings are reservations everything can be taken care of, that means we have a lot of data that is being generated these days and this is digital data back in those times we were communicating through verbal discussions and all those things through paperwork and that was a different day to maintain.

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Since everything is moving on cloud or moving online the amount of data that we have is huge these days and then when you have this huge amount of data you need a space where you can go ahead and maintain this data. So again, there was a need of this piece and all these issues that is your cost, your monitoring, your maintenance, providing sufficient space everything was taken care by cloud. Let us try to understand what this cloud is exactly, well think of it as a huge space that is available online for your usage, to be more specific think of it as a collection of data centres now data centres again not a place where you store your data, or you host applications. Basically, when you talk about these datacentres, they were already existing. So what did cloud do differently well, what cloud did was it made show that you are able to orchestrate your various functioning’s, applications, managing your resources properly by combining all these datacentres together through a network and then providing you the control to use these resources and to manage them properly to make it even more simpler there was a group of people or organisations basically that went ahead and bought these servers these compute capacities storage places compute services and all those things and they have their own channel or network all you have to do was go ahead and rent those resources only to the amount, you need it and also for the time that we needed so this is what cloud did. It let you rent the services that you need and use only those services that you need so you ended up paying for the services that you rented, and you ended up saving a lot of money the other thing is these service providers they take care of all the issues like your security underline infrastructures and all those things so you can freely focus on your business and stop worrying about all these issues.

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In simple words it’s a huge space which has all these services available, and you can just go ahead and pick and rent those services that you want to use. Cloud computing is nothing but an ability or it is a place where you can store your data, you can process it and you can access it from anywhere in the world. For example, you decide to choose a reason for infrastructure somewhere in US, China or maybe in India and you can still have access to all the resources that is there in US all you need is a good Internet connection. Cloud makes the world accessible; it lets you have your applications wherever you want to and manage them the way you want to, this was about cloud computing.

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