Windows is the series of most used operating systems in the world manufactured by one of the leading companies in the tech industry that is Microsoft. Windows has always been ruling the market of operating systems and has always kept giving the other operating system a challenge of keeping up. In the early days, the industry had developed command line-based windows that were tough in use and were not that famous but then windows developed G(raphical) U(ser) I(nterface)-based windows that are easy to use and can be operated by anyone even with any knowledge regarding the programming language. Windows 11 is the latest development in windows. But like every other product, it has problems since it is in its early days and a lot of problems are found every day that are attended by the officials regularly improving the product and removing the issues. Some are facing problems after they upgraded their operating system which is a regrettable truth. One of the most known issues involving windows 11 is with AMD manufactured processors that result in a potential drop in system performance that is clearly noticeable while gaming. Let us first discuss the issues that may occur while upgrading the operating system.

Windows 11 Installation Problems

If you’re having trouble installing Windows 11 using the Windows 10s update tool do not fret. Windows 10 includes a built-in troubleshooter that can assist in identifying any issues. This will also reset the Windows Update program, which will aid with the installation. Open the settings window and go to troubleshoot, then open the Windows update option and then launch the fixer, then follow the instructions outlined in the dialogue box that appears, and if the troubleshooter detects the error, select on applying the repair and the problem should be resolved.

Verify the specifications

Just like every other software, there are hardware specifications that are a must if you want them to run in your system without any issue. Verify that your system has the minimum required hardware for Windows 11 to run without any issue. The total requirement of specifications essential or non-essential all can be found on the firm’s official site.

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Minimum specifications must be met for Windows 11 but for the best experience, it is recommended to upgrade only those systems that have more than the minimum requirement.

Compatibility Check

If your system passes the aforementioned conditions, you must conduct a thorough system check to ensure that it can install Windows 11. Microsoft has created its own program to monitor the status of our system. You only need to download and execute the program>> check now.

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If your machine satisfies the requirements for Windows 11, a popup will appear stating that the up-gradation can be performed.

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Windows 11 cannot boot due to TPM

If the upgrade checker says your Machine is not compatible but it fulfills all of the other criteria, you will need to review your BIOS to activate T(rusted) P(latform) M(odules). T(rusted) P(latform) M(odel) support is built into almost every current CPU. If you have an Intel CPU, you must enable the model, and if the CPU is AMD-based, you must enable PSP firm-based T(rusted) P(latform) M(odel) in the BIOS. After that, use the application to confirm the status. This should enable Windows 11 to be installed.

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If you do not have T(rusted) P(latform) M(odel), then an error will appear when you will try to install it. The error will state that the system requirements are not met. Even after the error if you still want to install Windows 11 then there is a way around this error but it is not recommended as it has its fair share of risks.

Free some disk space

Windows 11, like prior O(perating) S(ystems), takes a specific amount of hard disc space to download and install. If your primary hard drive is nearly full, you will have difficulties installing Windows 11. At least 64GB is required for the successful installation. When the installation fails the most primary thing you can do is check your storage. Use the taskbar to search for disk clean-up after selecting the system disk where the O(perating) S(ystem) is located. Clean the disk but have one thing clear that you cannot retrieve what you delete so choose carefully. After you are done with making some space go ahead and retry the installation.

Above are some common ways to troubleshoot if the installation goes wrong. Now let us discuss some common issue that occurs in Windows 11.

Search does not work in Windows 11 start menu

Currently, there is this issue that the new start bar menu does not allow the users to type. There are certainly other ways to search in windows 11 but if you are already habitual using the start menu then it will be a hassle to change your habit. Microsoft has also recognized the issue and stated that if you open the run window it will then enable the feature that will allow you to type in the search bar of the start menu. Just starting and ending the program seems to do the trick. It is yet to be resolved officially but this trick works for now.

File Explore looks like Windows 10

There have been reports of the file explorer still resembling Windows 10 after a successful update. In file explorer, go to the view menu’>>’options’>>’view’>>’launch folder windows in a different process. Make sure the preference pane next to it is unchecked. Restart the file explorer once you are done with the adjustments.

Fig. Link:,1&bg-color=000&pad=1,1

The issue should now be resolved, and you should be able to see the revised layout.

Memory Issues

There have been complaints regarding memory. Even after closing the file explorer, it still remains in the RAM keeping some space. There has been no official acknowledgment of this issue.

Fig. Link:,1&bg-color=000&pad=1,1

You can try to solve this by rebooting your system or try restarting the file explorer. To monitor the memory it is taking you can check it through the task manager.

These are some common issues reported that are faced while installing and also while using Windows 11.

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