As of 2021 it is one of the largest cloud computing platforms offering over 600 services and serving millions of applications integrations and customers for Azure cloud.

Microsoft Azure has grown to become a major cloud computing player as of 2021 Azure has a 20% market share with AWS at 31% and Google cloud platform sitting at 9% while those numbers won’t mean a lot in how you use Azure and tower recording 67 available an announced regions globally more than 160 physical datacentres numerous availability zones and millions of users.

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Azure cloud Infrastructure:

Azure has a global network of regions availability zones and datacentres Azure regions of play strategically all over the world to cover as large a percentage of the potential cloud customer base is possible regions include central US, Norway West, Brazil South, West India, South Africa North, Australia East and everywhere in between. Each region consists of one or more data centres. End availability zone is made up of one of more data centres equipped with independent power cooling and networking. This means that a service in an availability zone will keep running. If one of the parts of the zone becomes unavailable, nifty. Azure also has geographies these usually contain more than a single region and allow customers with specific data, residency and compliance needs to keep the data and applications close.

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Geographies define a discrete market for doing just that and what rules and dependencies without some exceptions. Azure has government regions which are only accessible to US government bodies and the contractors. These regions are more stringent when it comes to compliance with government guidelines and their locations are not disclosed. Azure services are not all created equally either. Some requires more resources than others and some just are not as popular. For this reason, not all services are offered in all regions. However, apart from government regions as well as newly established regions most regions will have most of the Azure service catalogue on offer. A few exotic services like Azure machine learning are sometimes only offered in one region within each geography. Infrastructure on azure isn’t just a bunch of services, you need to understand the basic pillars compute network and storage. Everything on Azure is built on top of those pillars and they form a foundation for your cloud infrastructure too. You can build your own architecture from infrastructure as a service product such as Azure virtual networks, Azure VM’s, and Azure disc storage or you can take advantage of the platform as a service offering such as Azure SQL and Azure app services or build on top of the pillars. But of a different layer of abstraction for you to build your business applications. Comparing Azure to the other cloud providers, it falls in the top three of most popular with AWS and GCP.

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AWS has the most market share, but Azure has the most regions and CPS growing rapidly. The documentation for Azure to learn from is decent. Documenting a whole cloud computing platform is a large task and maintaining it a constant exercise. There is a very stable an expensive body of docs for Azure. The strengths and weaknesses which platform of course while cloud computing as a concept is a way to offer various levels of abstraction through.

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The main strengths first there are a lot of data centres, and they keep expanding this means services your applications will be closer to users. It also means specific legal requirements for certain countries when it comes to cloud computing. Because Microsoft have been supporting on customers for like 40 plus years, they have an extensive Harvard cloud offering to get all the existing customers into cloud a very good integration with existing tools and technologies such as Visual Studio, Active Directory, and file storage. If you have applications written in framework Azure is almost a no-brainer as well. Azure has the most industry certifications of any cloud provider and this can be useful for certain countries or industries when having to adhere to these and Azure space is a thing rockets well and many drawbacks or areas of improvement for Azure. There is couple because Azure is trying to be all things to all cloud computing crowds at times some services just do not get enough attention. This can mean that that new data analytics service you have made that uses a certain Azure feature might fall behind a bit as the feature disappears. Now Azure will try and keep up with every single trend in cloud computing so the number of new services and rename services can be a whelming. Key is to focus on just the ones you need for your project.

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Let’s look at a couple of well-suited real-world use cases for Azure something to whet your appetite and hybrid. It has a long history of supplying on premises compute systems and a tonne of those customs are still around they going to throw all that they have a wave and buy it again because someone’s written cloud on it. But there is value in some of the Azure services for most companies. Azure is making it increasingly easy to implement a hybrid cloud strategy. For example, using Azure central you can monitor both to cloud assets and you’re Prem services. Inadequate security concern with Harvard setups but would express route an VPN gateways. One of the most impressive services on Azure this single digit millisecond latency automatic and instantly scalable global secure no SQL database is about as cloudy as you can get it. A company that is looking to scale globally or to several regions can provide an exceptional experience for the end user by plugging cosmos DB into their front-end application. You are guaranteed speed at any scale it’s super easy to plug into your application. It’s fully managed so no servers or maintenance to do and it’s cost effective when used correctly. For general support issues of home users please visit:

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