What is Virtual Assistant Technology?

Virtual Assistant Technology is an impact of Artificial Intelligence(AI). It is also known as an AI assistant or Digital Assistant. This application program recognises natural language, such as voice commands, and implements the tasks according to the order. As this is a cloud-based program, a device or application connected to the internet is required. Nowadays, these programs are used by enterprises to make their tasks reliable and convenient. 

Virtual assistants (VAs) assist consumers or businesses with tasks previously only possible for humans to complete. To help individuals or automate processes, VAs use semantic and deep learning (such as deep neural networks [DNNs]), natural language processing, prediction models, recommendations, and personalisation. Building and maintaining data models, anticipating needs, and recommending courses of action are all tasks carried out by VAs. Virtual personal assistants, virtual customer assistants, and virtual staff assistants are just a few use cases where VAs can be employed.

Figure 1: https://ipwatchdog.com/2017/02/23/intelligent-virtual-assistants-human-interactions-smartphones/id=78283

Where can we find VA and Developers?

Figure 2: https://saxon.ai/blogs/the-technologies-underlying-ai-virtual-assistants/

VA is integrated into different platforms across intelligent devices, instant messaging applications, or other operating systems. According to history, the Apple company first used this technology as Siri for their devices. Later, organisations such as Microsoft implemented Cortana, and Google Assistance implemented mobile operating systems for Android devices. 

Facebook’s M was the virtual Assistant for both Facebook and Facebook Messenger applications via the web.

Google Assistant

According to the policies of google assistant, it does not store audio data without the user’s permission. Still, it may keep some conversation transcripts for future usage to provide a better service.

Alexa – Amazon

Alexa states its policy that it only listens to conversations when its wake word is used(Alexa). It records the conversation and stores the recorded conversation in the cloud. The Alexa privacy menu can delete in Alexa.

Siri – Apple

Siri does not record the audio, but it will save the transcripts if they are essential for analysis. And the users can optimise the transcripts anytime they want.

How does it work?

The virtual Assistant performs the task by processing the words the user speaks. It is converted 

into digital data, which the software analyses correctly. For this, the speech recognition algorithm is used.

Users must connect the virtual assistant to the internet to perform web searches, identify solutions, or link with other smart devices. The fact that they are passive listening devices, nevertheless, means that they frequently require a wake phrase or order to activate.

Services provided for different industries.

Virtual Assistants started to grow in modern industries. Later in which, these spread to several sectors like art and entertainment, government agencies, the automotive industry, finance and accounting, broadcasting and media, construction, eCommerce, education, farming and agriculture, health care, hospitality and tourism, human resources, marketing and industry, small business, etc.


The arts and entertainment industry uses Virtual Assistant programs for communication management, organisation, planning, and marketing support. The artists can charge copywriting for press releases and blog features. This technology allows social media pages and galleries to be maintained remotely.

Music from streaming services, videos, tv shows, and entertainment programs from Netflix, Spotify, and audiobooks can be used as virtual assistant services.


The virtual Assistant is used by non-profit organisations and government agencies, especially for social media services like profile management, customer services, and productions. This technology helps project managers to approach solutions to their constituents. This assists public interactions with governments using the VA technology.

Automotive industry

The remote working conditions have impacted the automotive industry, where the Virtual Assistant can perform administrative, sales prospecting, marketing, and customer services.  

With the help of artificial intelligence, several autonomous functions are implemented, such as autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems(ADAS). This builds more safety, efficiency, and high performance and risk analysis.

Finance and Accounting

Virtual bookkeeping and virtual accounting Assistant are some platforms used in finance and accounting industries in businesses and individuals. This serves as handling financial data, ledgers, invoices, and transactions. Licensed accountants use these applications.

Broadcasting and media

Broadcasting and media companies have adopted using virtual assistants with the work-from-home practice. This helps complete their productions remotely. The virtual assistants work on the backend of virtual events, webinars, and podcast production.


The virtual Assistant provides remote support in construction for construction coordinators, project managers, inventors, planners, etc., performs inventory management tasks, and provides administrative support and support for both the on-site and other remote workers.


Amazon and Etsy are some portals that provide eCommerce virtual assistance to sell products, order fulfilment, stock management, customer management, and administrative work in businesses. This became a significant necessity during the pandemic period, where it helped to work remotely.

The main benefit for the businesses is that this provides 24 x 7 support to customers by providing quick responses to the customers.


 This provides various services for academic purposes, online schooling, and higher education. This includes support for the professors and graduate students.

In education, students can organise their study process, manage time, and engage in their study process more effectively. Academic institutions can perform administrative tasks such as replying to emails, creating schedules, etc.

IT and technology

The VA maximises the growth of technology development by providing the global workspace through GitHub, Erica Brescia, and can hire an Executive Virtual Assistant.


How to manage an online virtual assistant

Despite the remote location of the VA, we can get the support as required. For that, we need to

  • Identify the type of support needed based on the nature of the role or the industry.
  • Learn to assign properly
  • Clear communication
  • Integrating the remote Assistant with the team
  • Using the technology properly

Benefits of Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant’s function can vary depending on the nature of the business.

Using a virtual assistant, 

  • it can reduce the operating cost
  • Manage the time of the projects
  • Provides a flexible working environment
  • Effective performance.

Figure 4: https://pdf2xl.com/the-virtual-assistants-digital-aid-a-pdf-to-excel-converter

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