Have you ever wondered why C: is always the name of your hard drives?” By default, your hard drive only has one partition, but one does not have to stick to using a single drive. It is, in fact, much safer for you to store your data on different partitions. Storing everything on C: is the equivalent of putting all your eggs in one basket, which is typically not safe in the long run. Today’s blog will cover how you can partition a hard drive using the built-in disk manager.

6 Steps to partition a hard drive

  1. Open the Run utility. The quickest shortcut is to press Window Key + R
  1. In the Open field, type “diskmgmt.msc” > OK
  1. You will now see a list of all your hard drives. Right-click on the drive you want to partition and select “Shrink Volume”
  1. The amount of space to shrink refers to the space allocated for your new partition. The space left in the original partition is the number after the total size after shrink. 
  1. The grey colored partition is the new unallocated partition, which you can set up by right-clicking and select “New Simple Volume”
  2. Follow the instructions in the wizard. Please note that when asked which format you want to set up, you should select either “NTFS” or “FAT32.”

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