Top 10 Cloud Service Providers

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Rack space Cloud
  • VMWare

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Let us discuss about Cloud Service Providers, since cloud came into existence, quite a few people went out and they bought their own infrastructure and now they rent these services to other people and when you talk about this infrastructure there quite a few people out there who are providing these cloud services to different people across the globe. Cloud that provides services to computer users, there are service providers that provide various type of services for free or charge a fee like Amazon Web Services, Google cloud platform, Microsoft Azure and many more companies who are providing this cloud computing these provide services like storage, network, hardware and software. If a user does not have storage on personal computer storage on the cloud can be utilised most used service provider is Google as Google is an integral part of our life now what is so normally, we use Google platform that is Google Drive. These cloud providers, the first thing that should come to your mind is Amazon Web Services because it is highly popular, and it leaves other cloud providers way behind. The reason for this is the numbers that talk about Amazon Web Services. For example, its compute capacity, it is six times larger than all the other service providers that are there in the market. For example, other service providers in the market if their compute capacity combined was X Amazon Web Services alone gives you a capacity of 6X, which is huge apart from that it’s flexible pricing and various other reasons.

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AWS has revolutionised cloud, some of the biggest Internet companies are hosted on AWS Amazon is obviously hosted on AWS, Netflix which drives so much of Internet traffic today is hosted on AWS.

The services it provides and all those things it is rightly a global leader and the fact that it had a head start before many other services that are in the market. We also have digital ocean cloud, Google cloud computing, and Azure. Digital ocean is poor man’s cloud. Google cloud computing they are also cheap. They are trying to do the same thing all of them are similar Azure. It gained popularity and now we see quite a few organisations going ahead and using Amazon Web Services apart from that we have Microsoft Azure which is a Microsoft product. When Microsoft decides to do something, they expect that they kill all the competition that is there in the market. It is still not in terms with Amazon Web Services or few other service providers that are in the market, but it is probably the second best when you talk about Amazon Web Services are the cloud service providers in the market. It has a lot of catching up to do when you compare it with Amazon Web Services, but it is still a very good cloud service writer that is there in the market. Then we have something called as Google Cloud Platform, good cloud product in the market.

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Because the infrastructure that Google has to offer to you. It is one of the best search engines that is then the market and the amount of data, they deal with every day is huge, they are the pioneers of big data and all those things, and they know how to handle this amount of data and how to have an infrastructure that is good that is why they have a very facility and that leads to it being one of the cheapest service providers in the market. There are certain features that GCP offers which are better even than Amazon Web Services, when you talk about its pricing and the reason for it is it has various other services that are there. It helps you optimise various costs, how it uses analytics in various ways by which it can optimise the amount of power you use and that leads to less usage of power and since you are paying less for power that is provided as a paying less for power you end up paying less for your services. That is why it is cost efficient than there are other service providers. We have distribution, we must remark, we have IBM which is very popular. As far as these service providers go. These are the major ones Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, GCP are the basic cloud providers.

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The examples of these cloud providers being used that is what are the different people that use these services. For example, we all know what Netflix is. Netflix is something that uses a cloud basically. They use Amazon Web Services. So, Amazon Web Services provides them place where they can host their website and they can cater the needs of so many that are there around the globe because Netflix is one of the leading service providers or the best online media or platform where you can go ahead and watch so many series and movies and so many other things. Other examples like Cora which is a good website where people post questions thousands of them, they answer those questions and a huge platform and an example where cloud comes into picture and these service providers come into existence.

Example list of cloud providers in market are the Amazon Web service, Microsoft azure, Alibaba cloud, Google cloud platform, IBM cloud, Oracle cloud, Jelastic cloud, and open shift cloud.

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