The internet plays a vital role in modern times. The internet contains a lot of information about various topics that have been contributed all over the world. The data on the internet grows every second and a browser is one of the ways to access the data that are on the internet. There are numerous browsers with different features that help in accessing the internet. Mozilla Firefox is one of the browsers that help access the internet.

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These web browsers are used in nearly all the devices that are capable of using the internet like tablets, mobile phones, etc. The web browsers take the request from users and collect the data according to the request and then display the data on the user’s device. The web browser takes the user input in the form of a U(niform) R(esource) L(ocator) and then sends the request to access the page to the server and then the request is then reverted back by the server and users are able to access the data, they required. Nearly all of the web browsers use cache to improve the loading time of the pages that the user is revisiting. These caches store various data like images and even credentials you used while you visited it for the first time. These web browsers also malfunction sometimes and need troubleshooting. After a brief knowledge about the web browser let us discuss a little about Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox

It is an open-source and free browser that was available in the late versions of windows beginning from Windows 7, macOS, and Linux. But there are unofficial ways to access other operating systems as well that are not officially supported by the browser. Mozilla Firefox in its prime dominated Internet Explorer that was then dominating among the web browsers. It was popular for its speed and security and also the add-on feature that was then better than the same features of the Internet Explorer. Now in the current time, the stats state that Firefox happens to be the fourth most used browser after Google Chrome is on the most used, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

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You are given with privilege to customize your browser with the themes that are provided, or you may also download the same. It also has an add-on feature that allows its users to add different applications to the website they are currently using. Like, suppose you added Grammarly using this add-on feature then whatever you type on these websites will be assisted by Grammarly and you will be notified of any grammatical or spelling mistakes even when the website itself does not have the feature. Something with so many features will have its fair share of malfunctions as well. Let us now discuss some common malfunctions and ways to resolve them.

Malfunctions in Firefox

Firefox often starts crashing or putting high pressure on RAM occupying a large amount of space that is not required. When the browser crashes then the Mozilla Crash Reporter gets visible. This helps us report the issue to Mozilla, so they may be of some help and resolve the issue. There are ways mentioned on the dialog box if you want to contact the company as well. You can check the technical details of the error that occurred by clicking the details option present on the dialog box.

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These technical details can help you if you want to add any additional information about the error that may be of any help. The more information you send the less time it might take to resolve the issue. It is even better to let the company be aware of the page you were visiting, so the company can check if there is something on the page that might be the potential cause of the crash. There are two options provided to exit the dialog box, restart Firefox and quit Firefox, if you choose the prior and the crash re-occurs then one of the tabs that you had opened is the potential cause for the crash then it is recommended to select the latter and start a new session and the browser might stop crashing.

Use Safe Mode

You can re-launch the browser in safe mode if it stops working to check if any of the extensions you added are the reason for it. To launch the browser in safe mode you can press shift while opening or navigate to menu>>question mark >> disable Add-ons then click on start in safe mode.

If the browser still keeps on crashing, then it might not be the extension but any other setting or customization you did. If you are unable to pinpoint the issue you can use your crash id to get some help. Locate the crash and open it in a new tab and wait for the process to end and then close the tab. Your issue should be resolved.

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Reset Firefox

If the issue is not resolved even after you tried it all resetting the browser can be very helpful. How can it be helpful? The cache data is stored in a folder and sometimes the issue can be in the folder. So, resetting the old folder would be replaced by a fresh one but you will still have all the history, bookmarks, and other important saves. In order to reset the browser, navigate to the menu and select the question mark, and then click on the troubleshooting information option. Reinstall the previous extensions one at a time to check the faulty ones. If the browser crashes you will know which extension is to blame. You can check all the themes in the same way.

Try the above-suggested ways to identify the issue responsible for the crashes and try to resolve it. Above are some common issues that often occur and some standard ways of resolving the same. If all this fails the last solution you can resort to is reinstalling the browser. This will completely remove the old browser along with its problems.

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