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welcome to the scintillating world of amazing technologies.

A quick intro about us before I tell you more about the blog-site. We are a technology group founded in 2015 in Australia. After having operated in the world of technology, like for ever (we still continue to do so), we realized that there is a major lacunae in the world of Technology-learning. The pace at which the technology has evolved over the period of last few years, unfortunately doesn’t come even closer to the speed at which the same technology is really understood by a major chunk of its users. This double-edged sword is the real reason behind so many cyber attacks, identity thefts and several other technology related nuiances and we keep hearing about them more than ever.

In order to help the society, in this pro-bono effort, we decided to start this blog-site alongwith a You-tube channel by the same name. The idea is to build this amazing eco-system in which even the most non-tech but forced users of technology can visit and learn & understand the technology in a better & safer way.

Let’s start the journey. In case of any issues, please feel free to contact us. Would love to hear from you all.

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